Monday, July 31, 2017

Last week I camped with my wife in and around Redwoods National Park. We left many light footprints on several forest trails, walking beneath ages old gigantic trees. The silence in the great woods surprised me as much as the enormity of the ancient giants. With a canopy high overhead, and hundreds of feet of trunks beneath, the sound of wind and birds is far overhead, leaving a deep quiet along the path. The height of the trees is difficult to grasp from below. Here and there, however, an old redwood had fallen, stretched out with massive root ball tipped up. Here is a video of one that tumbled so long ago it is decaying into the ground. It took me a minute to walk its length. (Copy and paste this Youtube link into your browser):


  1. As you know I'm not "religious" never have been. but time spent in the company of those ancient beings qw xa call trees.must be what some folks feel in a glorious cathedral!

  2. Yes, a profound spiritual feeling; awe, wonder, and humility. Religion sometimes gets at this, not often enough with people in the way. And visiting a cathedral is on my hope list, too.