Thursday, March 22, 2018

Here is a unique footprints story. Sometime in the darkness of Tuesday before dawn a person climbed up on the church roof and attempted to remove a skylight, perhaps seeking entry to the church after hours. We know it wasn't wind, rain, or fat crow because of the big boot print on the shattered plexiglass on the carpet below the opening in the roof. I'm very thankful to walk in to a bit of a mess with no broken body in the midst of it. The incident reminds me of the story of friends who lowered their paralytic friend through a roof to get him close enough for Jesus to heal him. I always kind of wondered what kind of a mess that might make, so here is an answer. After examining the mess, I looked up at the lovely blue sky now visible from inside the hallway outside the office. I hope the day dawned more hopeful for the person who broke the window. Repairs are underway, but I do rather like the view.

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